Photography for the Real & Chill

Real AF. Chill AF.

You. Your person. Your family. Your friends. 

The traditional moments, the surprises, I’m there for it all. I believe in documenting your day to the fullest, I’m definitely NOT still, NOT silent, and NOT shooting aimlessly. I will make friends with your family; dance with your bestie, take a shot with your sister, and celebrate your love. 

I'll tell you to stick your chin out so there’s not more than 1 showing up in your photos, scour your venue for perfect lighting, and keep your tribe in line.    

I’m here to make your photos a success, and capture the PARTAYYYY! You will be able to look back on your images and remember the smiles, the way you felt; and see all the hard work you’re putting into this be as awesome as you remember, all with a photographer that will keep it real, and keep it chill. 

; ) 


Squad Up.

My bias is simple, take the family photos and put them on the wall.

Here at Love Mary Beth Photography, the approach is sraightforward... Capture your family exactly how they are. You might say that your kid is the wildest wildling in existence... THAT'S PERFECT (and also, everyone says that)  Family sessions, like all LMBP commissions, are built for you. From your styling consultation, to delivery, we will change your outlook on family sessions. 

With small humans, we keep it appropriately real and chill ; )