Mary Beth


Photographer/Editor/Keeper of keys

Wife of Steven, DogMom of Bella. Lover of light, simplicity, love, and adventure. Forever enamored by my partner in crime & life, Steven. Inspired by the outdoors, new places, and authentic stories. Always on the run. Hella fun at receptions.Spends entirely too much time on youtube loving acoustic covers. And an above average consumer of Chick-Fil-a (spicy chicken with honey please!) 



Photographer/Baby Whisperer 

Bringer of California vibes. Wife to Dameon. Frequently seen with weird hairdos courtesy of small humans Autumn & Maybella. Has yet to encounter a baby that wouldn't laugh at her, seriously, she's a baby whisperer. When not kickin’ it with her fam, she can be seen honing her sweet sword skills inspired by GOT… She has potential to be a Stark, but has not been cast yet.  




Crafter of Print Boxes/River Rat

Steven carefully crafts every box that our prints are delivered in. Being a river rat has proven useful for this, since every piece is locally sourced and milled. His day job entails of running a local charter boat, and commercial fishing during the offseason. But we all know his heart is best fulfilled by checking things off the honey-do list. 



I work hard so she can live her best life.

Bella does not work for treats (but loves anything with fluff and squeakers) and prefers adventure to people. She sits on her side of the fence and enjoys the company of her bestie, Cedar, who lives next door. 



The newest member of the crew, Siren is a total jerk. Her favorite past times include waking you up 30 minutes before your alarm, stealing Bella's food, and clawing the shit out of you for no apparent reason. We're keeping her around anyways.