The 2019 Heirloom Collection

Our bias is simple... Take the photo and put it on the wall.
We believe in legacies. Capturing them, preserving them, and printing them.
Your memories deserve it.

It’s ironic that as one of the most photographed generations, our legacy is often stored on drives, phones, and in clouds.Your memories are far too important to trust to technology that may fail or become obsolete.

The 2019 Local Line was custom created by Mary Beth. Each piece for this in-house line is hand selected, milled, and custom made Right here in Northwest Florida. 

Watch the video below to see the latest in custom heirlooms. 
The Classic Print Box |
 The very first thing we created.
Each print box comes with luster or fine art matte prints wrapped in hand painted silk ribbon. 
Your prints are safe & stored in this nifty little box, or we’ve also seen people store their favorite details; vow notes, bows, dried florals, etc. in them.
Frameless Prints |
A mounted canvas print is pressed between reclaimed wood pieces and finished out with brass or stainless hardware. To protect your canvas forever, each is hand painted with a UV protectant. Then they’re suspended by hemp or jute paired with our signature silk ribbons to add that perfect final touch.
The Print Shelf |
A reclaimed wood shelf that includes matted and mounted prints, the print shelf is an ever evolving display. (which makes my art major heart happy ; ) As your story unfolds, you can add new prints to the shelf.
Since our matted prints are completely finished out, you can toss ‘em in a frame as you collect new ones, or store them in an album box for safekeeping.
The Hurricane Michael Box |
In October of 2018 our community was completely devastated by Hurricane Michael. I was shooting a wedding out of town up until the day before and all I rememeber is calling my in-laws telling them to evacuate to our house. After the storm we arrived at their home (30 miles away) to find it completely destroyed. Hurricane MichaeL Boxes are made from the wood that was salvaged from their home. It’s pressed pine that was hand planed over 100 years ago and now has a beautiful new life.

These boxes accomodate an album (customed sized to your album) or includes 10, 11x14 matted prints.
We leave room to grow, so in the future you’ll have extra room to add more of your favorite prints & sentiments.

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