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The Process

º Reach out with the form below; be as detailed as possible

º I'll respond within the hour (unless it's late af and I'm sleeping) 

º I'll look over the info you provided, and ask any questions if I have any

º We'll wonder why we haven't crossed paths before because we are clearly awesome, and I'll send a contract and invoice 

º When I receive *both* of those back, you'll be added to the books and I'll probably fire off a confetti cannon. 



Let's keep it simple... 

Wedding photography is an investment. But it's an investment that will see more return than pretty much any other on your wedding day. Photographs will outlive most other details from your wedding, and no matter how many days, months, years, separate you from your date, you'll always have photographs to reflect on. 

I care about the success of your wedding as much as you do. I believe communication throughout the entire process is priority. I also believe that an extensive turnaround time is not acceptable, so you'll have your photos back within the month. 

I don't believe in creating packages full of things that you don't need. Every commission I take on is customized to you. I want you to get everything you need, and nothing you don't.

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