Family Portraits | What to keep in mind

Here at Love Mary Beth Photography our approach to posing is pretty casual. I know traditional formal family photos are a staple, so we spend a few minutes in the beginning getting those taken care of first. But after that we always run pretty wild, we build sandcastles, we run, the majority of the time we even play in the water. These candids are what our clients consistently rave about. Those little in between moments, that show the very best of the day.

When you’re planning your session, it’s very very important to keep in mind that you have to be able to let things flow freely. I know as parents, the general standard is to keep your kids as low-key as possible. But during family sessions we use our outside voices. Make sure during your session you enjoy the moment as well, don’t spend your entire session disciplining your child. I’m here to help, if it gets too crazy I’ll just simply let you know ; ) have no expectations when walking into your session, this will likely be an experience unlike others you may have had during portrait sessions. 


Make the littles nap

If you have small humans, make sure they have a good nap before their session. It doesn’t even have to be immediately before, you definitely want them to have time to wake up and get hyped. I am based in Northwest Florida, during the summer sunset times are pretty late (we’re talking 7:45/8 PM here) trust me when I say I understand the importance of keeping your littles on schedule; but make the most of your portrait session, and waver for just one day to get that amazing light you’ve seen in the photos you’ve fallen in love with.
But first we nap!


Wear sunscreen so you’re not fried

I know when people come to Florida for their vacation they are here to party! But as your photographer I beg you to wear your freaking sunscreen. There is nothing worse than having funky sunburn Tanlines in your treasured family photos. I get a ton of request for editing out sunburn, but no amount of editing will blend that burn baby. Additionally though, my style is to capture you as you are. So if you show up with sunburns, will celebrate that! But just to forewarn you, wear your sunscreen. Your photos and skin will thank you ; )

Pro tip: The sun is often more brutal than people anticipate, schedule your photos on the second or third day of your vacation. That’ll give you enough time to get settled in, but it won’t allow too many days for you to get fried. 


Take styling seriously 

I can’t stress this enough, your portrait session is a collaboration with your photographer. Even if the photographer is not me, hire whatever photographer makes your heart happy. But I understand the success of your portraits is just as much in your hands. This is another reason why hiring a full-service photographer is so important.

A lot of our clients use Pinterest to articulate the style that they are going for. Well we don’t match Pinterest boards, or rip off posing from other photographers, we can absolutely use that as a tool to explore your vision further. Will work together to pick a location that works best for you, as well as the wardrobe that’s your style but also incorporates the things you love. You can always incorporate other styling elements, for example we’ve had someone bring their grandmothers quilt so we use that for sitting poses. We’ve had clients that Inc. florals in flower crowns and anklets, even bouquets. We have had clients who know the value of prince, incorporate our silk ribbons. The possibilities really are endless, don’t be afraid to go big with styling! 

Our clients love the wardrobe guide we send out, as well as the additional styling assistance we offer 🤘🏻


Make Time for YOU! 

The locations we typically shoot at are GORGEOUS, so make sure you take the time to get some shots of you as a couple too! It only takes a few minutes & you’re there anyways so take advantage of it ; )

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